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Model Management

  • Alt: Pure vanilla flux made isomorphic and without the boilerplate.
  • astarisx: Highly Composable MVVM Framework for React with built-in pushState router.
  • avers: A modern client-side model abstraction library.
  • backbone-react-component: Use multiple Backbone models and collections with React components both on the client and server sides.
  • Baobab: Persistent data tree supporting cursors.
  • cortex: A JavaScript library for centrally managing data with React.
  • DeLorean: A completely agnostic JavaScript framework to apply Flux concepts into your interfaces easily.
  • Elsa: A Babel plugin that makes your arrays and objects immutable by default… and gives them super powers!
  • Immutable: Immutable data structures designed to be more JavaScript-y than Mori.
  • js-data: A framework-agnostic frontend datastore, that will also fetch your data.
  • McFly: A lightweight Flux library that adds factories for Stores & Actions.
  • NuclearJS: Immutable, reactive Flux architecture. UI Agnostic.
  • Reflux: An event-based implementation of the Flux architecture that integrates with React components.