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  • react-localize-redux - Localization library for React/Redux.

  • react-inspector: Use DevTools-like object inspectors inside your React app.

  • jreact: Rendering react server-side within a JVM (Java 7 or Java 8)

  • react-jss: Inject and mount jss styles in React components.

  • django-react: Server-side rendering of React components for django apps.

  • react-engine: Composite render engine for isomorphic express apps to render both plain react views and react-router views.

  • react-render-visualizer: A visual way to see what is (re)rendering and why.

  • javascript-monads: As this project matures, the monads are becoming more than mere toys. React is used in unorthodox ways, so if you want to use React the way they do at Facebook, this is not for you. Transpiled code for the three monad classes can be downloaded by entering “npm install reactive-monads”.

  • ReactCSS: Inline Styles in JS with support for React.

  • ReactQuestionnaire: Simple react components for building a questionnaire or survey.

  • renderjs.io: SEO for Reactjs. Service for making reactjs application crawlable and shareable.